Thursday, March 5, 2015

The Power Of Guangong’s Machete (青龙偃月刀)

This talisman should be drawn with black ink on a piece of yellow paper. It works best when the person also worships Guangong in his/her altar. This talisman will break any black magic or evil spirits. Its power is tried and tested to be effective.

Guangong’s machete was very much feared of in the “Romance Of The Three Kingdoms” as it has chopped down many heads. This belief is being passed down until today amongst Chinese hence no one would enjoy even the blade of a replica faces him/her house. There is a name to this special blade of Guangong, it is called “the machete of green dragon crescent moon” (青龙偃月刀). The machete is also commonly known the “Guan machete” (关刀). Not many people can use a Guan machete due to its weight and one really needs a lot of energy and skills to play with this kind of weapon.

The above is a talisman that summonses the power of this "green crescent moon machete" to defend against any types of black magic. This talisman was given to me by a friend who also told me below story:

“Some time ago, I was cursed by some Arjan after a quarrel over business issues. This Arjan sent his flying needle curse and his kid spirits to me causing unrest in my house. I felt severe chest pain at night consecutively for two weeks and the doctor found there was nothing wrong with me. I was feeling lethargic and tired but there wasn’t anything I could do.

One day, I went to a Taoist temple worshipping Guangong and the person in charged gave me this talisman and asked me to paste it on my Guangong altar and I did what was instructed first thing I returned home.

Indeed it was strange that, the Guangong talisman showed some burnt mark the next morning. Since then peace reinstated in my house and my chest pain was also gone. A month later, the Arjan had committed suicide for no apparent reason.”

So, as crime does not pay; it is best to stay away from black magic. There are always people more expert than us out there. In Chinese idiom:

There is always a mountain taller than this one.

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