Wednesday, March 18, 2015

The Western Kujikiri: Pentagram (五芒星)

If you think that the Kujikiri (九字结) is troublesome, then perhaps you may try the Western Pentagram method.

This practice shall make a once timid person become strong.

The method is simple:

One should first hold his/her breathe in her abdomen or ‘dantian’ and use the ‘pentagram mudra’ to trace the five point star as shown.

Of course, one can still use the sword mudra to trace the five point star. The advantage of using both hands is that a more balanced power shall be resulted thus forming a stronger protection.

If a person is disturbed by spirits, then he/she can make the ‘pentagram mudra’, then traces the five point star and pushes the mudra outwards with a shout: "Go!". After that, whatever spooks there may be shall be dispersed for quite a while.

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