Saturday, March 28, 2015

Transforming Extreme Bad Luck (起死回生法)

If one thinks that he/she is in an extreme bad luck, then he/she can perform this ritual to reverse his extreme luck. This ritual can also be performed when one is possessed by spirits.

Items needs:

·         Cooked and raw silvery promfret fish one each (鲳鱼)
·         Cooked and raw pork one piece (五花肉)
·         Cooked and raw whole (公鸡)
·         Rice wine (米酒)
·         Joss paper (金银纸)
·         Paper manikin (替身)
·         Incense and candles (香烛)

The ritual should be performed on top of a mountain and the best timing is right at midnight because this is when the Ying energy changes into Yang energy.

When the time and place is right, one should list down all cooked items on one side and all raw cooked items on the other side. The cooked items represent the “dead 5 elements” (死五行) of a person and the raw items represent the “living 5 elements” (生五行) of that person. In case you wonder:

·         Pork represents meat
·         Fish represents bones
·         Cock represents the human as a whole
·         Rice wine represents blood

After items are in place, the person should first call upon the 5 legionnaire armies (五营兵) and then stand in front the cooked items and say his/her wish and then he/she should move to the raw items and say the same thing. Please remember that whatever one said in front of the cooked stuffs, the exact words must be said to the raw items too or the spell may backfire.

After the ritual, all the items should be discarded for they are now impinged by negative energies. If the ritual is done correctly, luck change can be observed within 100 days’ time. Of course, you should have good relationship with the mountain god and 5 legionnaire armies first.

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