Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Bed Placement (安床的宜忌)

Basically one needs to look into the house owner’s fundamental star (本命星) and the Flying Star (飞星) of the house to determine a proper bed location. In Flying Star perspective, a bed should be located at a location with life energy (生气方).

Other than theoretical calculations, a bed location should also follow the below rules:

1.      Space under the bed should be kept empty and should not be kept as storage area. If one wishes, light objects such as clean clothing can be kept there. If other items are stored; the persons who sleep in the bed will experience health issues. If waste metal is stored under the bed, then the couple may suffer from bone issues or body pains of unknown causes. Unless the objects are removed, no other modern medicine can cure these types of strange diseases.
2.      A bed should not face the room door directly or else anyone who sleeps there will be fond of having bad dreams such as being chased by ghosts or thugs.
3.      A bed should not face a mirror directly or a person shall have a weak mind and may suffer from insomnia or mental illnesses. The reason is simple, in case one wakes up in the middle of the night; he/she may inadvertently be stunned by his/her own shadow. If a mirror directly faces a bed; a pregnant lady may suffer from miscarriage too for the same reason.
4.      There should not be any broken pieces under a pregnant lady’s bed or the baby may be born imperfect.
5.      A bed should not be placed under a beam for it may cause illnesses and bad luck.
6.      So far as possible, heavy and tall cabinets should not be placed beside a bed as this may cause bad luck and of safety concerns.
7.      Likewise, the sharp edge of a cabinet should not face a bed or it may cause strange growth on the legs.
8.      A bed should not face the bathroom door or this shall cause discord amongst husband and wife.
9.      Drawing of a tiger should not be hung around a bed or it may cause bad dreams.
10.  A bed should be backed by a wall and it is a taboo just to place a bed in the middle of the room without any backing. If a bed is without backing, then the person would be isolated in his/her work.
11.  A bed should not be next to the bathroom wall or that may cause rheumatism or skin diseases amongst others.

So, you can see that it is not so simple to put a bed for one has to spent about 30% of his/her time in bed!

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