Thursday, March 26, 2015

Another Look At Flight Disaster (又一宗空难)

It is only the first quarter of 2015 and we have another sad news of air disaster.

I picked up the information from intranet and this incident happened to a flight on March 24, 2015 around 10:53am.

Let us look at I Ching for answer:

From the beginning of the year until point zero:

1. Sky-Thuder (Truth)
2. Swamp-wind (Breaking point)
3.Fire-sky (Abundance)
4. Sky-Thunder (Truth)

Again, the plane travelled towards NE and the "3 kills" are around NE area.

It also so happened that the timing for that particular day means "empty in the sky" and the 8 characters are dominated by earth over the wood (cover up); hence the plane cannot fly too far. 

The 8 characters also showed that there is a problem with the authority.

As you can see, I Ching is a very effective tool in predicting the future and it needs some fine tuning to suit our modern times. One can argue that this is after the fact discussion, but since there are so many flights around; no one cares to look into this type of risk in detail naturally.

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