Saturday, March 7, 2015

The Underground Folks (地底人)

-By Mr. Bjerstedt

Title: Underground Cattle
Notetaker: Levi Johansson
Messenger: Petter Viklund
Year: 1914
Parish/Town: Alnö

It was here on the island a long time ago. A couple of men and women were on their way to a forest meadow to reap. The men carried scythes on the shoulders as is common at such times. They met a bunch of cattle with people that they didn't know.

“Put your crooked tools on the other side!” they said to the men.

It was “the underground ones” that were out with their cattle, and they were afraid that the steel would by hover any of the animals so that they themselves would lose their power over them, so that the humans would be able to take them from the underground ones.

Title: The Underground Ones
Notetaker: Levi Johansson
Messenger: Sigrid Bergström
Year: 1912
Parish/Town: Njurunda

The underground ones tend to show themselves during Midsummer time.

Title: Rowan Rein sticks
Notetaker: Levi Johansson
Messenger: Petter Julin
Year: 1912
Parish/Town: Njurunda

If you have rein sticks made from rowan wood, the underground ones can’t stop you when you’re out driving.

Title: Vitras namn
Notetaker: Levi Johansson
Messenger: Änka Anna Greta Dunder
Year: 1917
Parish/Town: Arnäs

The underground ones are called “vitra” because they are dressed in white, and their cows are also white. I’ve seen them several times, so I know that.

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