Sunday, March 1, 2015

Your First Jinni Is Important (第一个精灵)

There are many methods to get a jinni now days. One can purchase one in eBay, perform conjuration by oneself, purchase one jinni from a shaman etc. I must reiterate that your first jinni is very important as it is normally the overseer spirit for your future conjurations.

All of my jinn have paid their worth so far. That is to say that I have recovered whatever money that I have spent on those jinn so far; without the need to resale anyone of them. Further, I could find life sustenance by sleeping in my house almost daily, except for the need to go out to get food.

This is not a story from Arabian 1001 Nights, but it is a fact due to the jinn that were chosen by my late master. I have two jinn from Lilith who had facilitated all my needs so far. Of course, both of their names are published in the blog for you to review.

My late master once said that the best jinn are jinn from the Genesis period as those spirits of status and they would choose their conjurers carefully. But these types of spirits are pretty hard to conjure and to control as those are spirits of wars. Spirits such as that of Lilith and Isthar are passed down from one conjurer to another now days. Well, for obvious reasons, almost no one could follow the paths of previous prophets as described in the Holy Bible and Holy Quran now due to wars, if not on the suspicion of terrorists.

Normally powerful jinn are not conjured alone and directly. The proper conjuration methods are recorded in many old western ceremonial magic works. First step is always the prayers to God, and the conjuration of an arch angel: Jibril or Michael normally and then the name of the jinni. This is also the conjuration sequence for any future spirit summoning sessions.

In my case, Lalantah or Lintatih acted as the gate keepers for further spirits to enter the space amongst Jibril, Lalantah/Lintatih and me; hence no funny business any spirits can do but to speak of the truth.

So you can see if the first jinni is not chosen correctly, then the above setting would be futile. Not only the success of future conjuration is futile; whatever comes in during conjuration would be questionable. It is precisely due to the difficulty of a new conjurer: to get a good first jinni; I let anyone who wishes to experiment conjuration to call upon both descendent of Lilith for a limited time.

Though my master didn’t mention spirits outside Middle East regions, I would treat spirits of Himalayan ranges as the second option; and any human spirits/ghost as the last option.

Perhaps now it is worthwhile to think twice before anyone performing conjuration as spirit conjuration is also an art and a science of making choices. You can try for fun to feel knocking on your door or sounds of scratching on the roof at night; but for more productive issues, you must sit down and draw up a detail plan on what you want to do.  


  1. Liew Sir:
    How about Yakshini/Yogini in Hinduism compared to Jinn? Which is more powerful? Is there information about them?

    1. Hi Armando,

      I would say Yakshini/Yogini and Jinn are a little different although people like to group them together. Many ritual books describe Jinn are related to serpentine energies. For example: Lilith looks greyish with snake lower body.

      Generally the Middle Eastern Jinn are much powerful than Yakshini/Yogini, especially those described in the Genesis. Another way to look at this is to compare the current Middle East situation with Indo-China: One is chaotic and the other more peaceful.

      If you want info about Jinn, then Bible and some Islamic texts would give you some idea. Information concerning Yakshini/Yogini can be found in Mahapretaka and other Tibetan texts.