Thursday, March 19, 2015

Purposes Of Feng Shui (财丁贵寿)

Many scientific minded people asked me:

“What are the purposes of Feng Shui?”

The original purpose of Feng Shui is to let the remains of our parents rest in a comfortable place free from damp and insects. This is in line with the Confucianism.

However people developed the concept of Feng Shui further to include:

·         Wealth (),
·          Family (),
·         Social status ()
·         Longevity (寿)

The wealth and social status are those seek most by our modern folks. Basically there are 5 sates of a person concerning fortune:

·         Rich and high social status
·         Rich and low social status
·         Average person
·         Poor and high social status
·         Poor and low social status

Basically other than the luck of a person, the status and richness of an individual is determined by the ‘water’ element in Feng Shui. It is interesting to talk about ‘water’ in relation to Feng Shui as there are again two types of ‘water’:

·         The true water: lake, river, sea etc.
·         The illusive water: roads and passageways

In theory of Feng Shui:

“The rich, status, poor and low depends on water spirit; the water is the blood vines of Feng Shui.”

So, if waters in an area are clear and beautiful, and that they conform to theory of Feng Shui; people of that area would mostly be rich and having good social status. However, if the waters in that particular area is milky or full of algae, and that they conform to theory of Feng Shui; people who stays there would be rich but not famous.

If the waters at a place defies Feng Suhi, then a mixture results would be seen; the worse condition is of course bad waters.

While waters affect a person’s fortune, the element of ‘mountain’ affects the health and life spans of that person. Like the water element, if the mountain of an area does not conform to the theory of Feng Shui, then the person would be suffering from ill health and possible shorter life span.

Now days, many people just want money and fame and ignore the importance of health. They failed to see that if they and their family are not healthy; all money in this world would not mean anything to them.

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