Thursday, March 5, 2015

Removing Effects Of Tomb Feng Shui

A friend, Mr. Lau sent me a message. He said that his father was buried in a cemetery nearby and that he did not consult any Feng Shui masters initially and hence years after his father’s passing away; his luck wasn’t very good.

Mr. Lau has lately taken up Feng Shui studies and found that his late father’s tomb was not good and he has no money to relocate his father’s remains to a new tomb; so the question is: what can he do?

Normally the tomb Feng Shui shall affect a family for 3 generations compared to house Feng Shui that only affects a family as long as the family is there. So, matters concerning tomb Feng Shui must be paid with particular careful.

If the landscape and location of the tomb is not good, then there is no choice but to relocate the tomb. However, if it is only the facing of the tomb is not ideal, then another possibility is to turn the tombstone left or right. But if relocation is not possible too, then there are only two ways:

1.      First the tombstone is first wrapped with a piece of red cloth or paper and then an auspicious date is chosen to have the tombstone taken out. When this is done, the tombstone is then laid face up on the grave. This is similar to what the western folks have done. In Feng Shui term, this is called the “sky gazing tombstone” (朝天碑).
2.      The other option is to have the deceased’s remains excavated and then have the remains cremated.

By performing one of the two options, it is said that the tomb Feng Shui will only have minimal effect onto the living. Maybe the cremation would be a better choice for modern folks since a good tomb Feng Shui is very difficult to come by now days.

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