Saturday, March 14, 2015

The Haunted Roppongi Hills (六本木)

The mysterious Roppongi Hills

My Japanese friend thinks that Roppongi Hills are haunted and he told me this story:

An old contract cleaner was given a task to clean an office building at night. His job normally started after 9pm when all of the office workers have left the building.

Like any other day, this old man pushed his trolley into the lift and he pressed for the floor he was supposed to work at. However, the lift went straight down until LB13 and the lift went to a halt.

At that instance, the lift door slowly opens… and the unfortunate old cleaner saw rows of tomb stones laid in front of him! Worse of all, at the end of his view, he saw a few old folks in kimono slowly approaching him…

Perhaps it was not the old cleaner’s time yet, the lift door suddenly closed and it moved up to the floor that the old cleaner was supposed to work on.

Had the old cleaner accidentally gone down to hell? No one knows.

My pals sworn on the authenticity of the very bizarre story, but I would leave it to you to judge. So what say you?

According to intranet sources:

“Some found Roppongi Hills‘s address is “Roppongi (means 6th trees) 6 street, Roppongi Hills (means 6th trees Hills) “. You know it means “666”. Then from Tameike Sanno station, No.13 exit is the fastest way to Roppongi Hills. The building itself seems to be a big and tall grave marker and the revolving door is a gate to the other world.”

I wonder if Roppongi Hills is indeed the gateway to hell. Try to call upon Satan the next time you visit there and perhaps Satan would give you a round trip tour to the land of inferno!

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