Friday, March 20, 2015

The Mountain And Water (山管人丁水管财)

The plan of mountain ranges that leads to a 'dragon knot' (龙穴).

Mountains and waters are two major components in Feng Shui studies.

Mountains in modern Feng Shui theory refer to natural mountain ranges and also the multi-story buildings exist in modern cities. If we are to make a comparison, of course natural mountain ranges generate more energy compared to modern buildings.

In old days, mountain ranges are treated as ‘dragons’ and they are filled with earth energy. Only a series of mountains can produce an ideal ‘dragon spot’ (龙穴). A standalone mountain is known as ‘Kid Mountain’ (童山) and this is not a good mountain as the energy cannot be sustained over a period of time. Even if the Kid Mountain coincides with good Feng Shui, luck of that area cannot be sustained.

For example, a businessman who stays in the vicinity of the single mountain; his luck would flip-flops. It is more undesirable if the Kid Mountain is a cleared mountain without vegetations the effect can be seen when flying star 5 and 2 onto the location of the mountain. It is even more inauspicious if a Kid Mountain is just beside a mountain range; this shows anyone buried in the Kid Mountain whose descendents shall be constantly bullied and hurt by others.

A Chinese proverb sounds like:

The influence of mountain is kindness; the influence of water is wisdom

Let me elaborate:

People who live near mountain ranges are normally kind and friendly, they are normally healthier and live longer; while people who stayed near waters tend to use their brain more and involve in trades; so they are richer.

I do suspect that the above proverb is the origin of Feng Shui theory:

The mountain controls over human; water watches over fortune.

The water as a norm brings luck to a person faster than the mountain. So it is worthwhile to be a little careful when dealing with waters. For example it takes about 3 months for mountain energy to take effect; it only takes 2 weeks for water dragon to strike.

Of course, the water and mountain are two static elements; the determining factor of Feng Shui is the ‘time’ factor. The timing shall answer the question of when a particular event shall happen and for how long.

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