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The Haunted Kannonzaki (观音崎)

Navigation light from Kannonzaki lighthouse was said to have led lost souls at sea to congregate in Kannonzaki Park at night.

Kannonzaki Park in Yokosuka, Japan is a great place for ghost hunters as this land has a bloody history due to wars. It became a fortress during Meiji era and general public was forbidden to enter. It has seen much warfare and old battery can still be seen today.

The history of the battery is quite old and they were made for Coastal Defense in 1812 by Kawagoe lord Matsudaira Higonokami. Since the Meiji era, the battery was taken over by the army from the navy but it then became a fortress in 1881. The battery has been managed until the end of the war of August 15, 1945.

Greater East Asia War began in December 8, 1941, until the end of the war of August 15, 1945, many lives were disappeared into the sea overlooking Kannonzaki. Also it is said that there are more than 2500 vessels sank to the bottom of the sea at that time.

Within the park are "monument of war for dead sailors" was built in order to comfort the spirits of sailors. This is where you want to commemorate the spirits of those who have become victims of war during your visit.

In addition to victims of war, many lives are also lost throughout the years due to sea accidents or suicide. , has also been rumoured in some part of the land that spirits would gathered especially on the beach near the lighthouse.

Due to great amounts of spirits gathered here, sightings are heard in various places in the park. Promenade female spirits haunt is near the toilet (there are signboards that warns of ghosts), also there are sightings of strange spirits body even near the "Kannon Lighthouse".

There is a tunnel that is located in a park called "3 minutes tunnel" in the central part. There is more than one door inside the tunnel, such as reminiscent of solitary confinement. A lot of human hones were found in confinement cells except for ammunition depot.

In addition, if you are shooting video at the same tunnel, there is also information that eerie voice was recorded.

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