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Turning The Visions (障眼法)

“Turning the visions” is perhaps known as “illusions”. There are many stories told in the world of magic or stage magic tricks. Whatever magic it may be, those tricks are mainly exploiting optical illusions mainly. But we will never know… Liew

-By Mr. Bjerstedt

Province: Skåne
District: Luggude
Parish: Kågeröd & Stenestad
Year of writing: 1934
Written down by: Helga Persson
Adress: Hör, Tel. 51 Höör
Told by: Magnus Ramstedt
Born the year 1851 in Tången, Kågeröd

When the Göing turned the vision on the audience 

One time a bunch of Göings held sales by Ekebo near Helsingborg. Each and every one had their pieces they wanted to sell in the nearby city. One of them had a very long pump log of wood. One of the Göings, said that he would be able to crawl through the narrow pump log. The others claimed the thing impossible, but the man started to crawl, seemingly through the hollow log.

While they were astonished at the miracle, a girl came walking by. When she saw all the Göings looking at a hole she asked, what they were looking at and got replied to, that the Göing was crawling through the pump log. But then the girl said “But don't you see that he's crawling on the outside of the log?” In the same moment she said this, she saw herself being surrounded by water, and started to lift her skirt to wade through the water. The bystanders now started to look at her, wondering what was happening which took the attention away from the pump crawler.

It can be mentioned that the bystanders didn't notice any water and hence it was believe that the man, that was said to be able to do magic, in revenge over the girl having revealed him, let her think she was surrounded by water, so that she through her behavior would get the bystanders attention.

Title: "Turning the vision"
Notetaker: Jonas Hjalmar Höglundh
Messenger: Jonas Hjalmar Höglundh
Parish/Town: Attmar

A man in Attmar could “turn the vision”.

He had one time been sentenced to 40 pairs of lashings due to a few manipulations. But during the 80 whipping not a sound did touch the man's lips, and just as little a drop of blood from his back.

When the whipping was finished, and the tormentor was going to let the man go from the stocks, he got the solution to the riddle. He saw the man, both in the stocks, and beside it, so it isn't bad at all to be able to “turn the vision”.

Title: The Bredsjö-Finn turns the vision on the sheriff
Notetaker: Carl-Herman Tillhagen
Messenger: Kalle Karlsson
Parish/Town: Liden

The Bredsjö-Finn was suspected for moonshining. However it was, the sheriff was going to his house to check on him. The Bredsjö-Finn had a distiller, but when the sheriff came, he turned the distiller into a beautiful girl. It was all he saw, so the Finn was very slick at magic.

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