Sunday, March 29, 2015

Problematic Spirit Triangle (灵界三角关系)

Everyone to some extent will have one kind of spiritual issues or another. Many of our current sufferings or disasters are caused by spirits that failed to cross over to the other side. These spiritual hindrances (灵障) will manifest onto a person in two ways:

1.      Physical and mental illnesses or disabilities
2.      Disasters: accidents or natural disasters

There are three main spiritual elements that may cause one's sufferings:

1.      Problems with one's ancestors
2.      Problems with earthbound spirits
3.      Problems with spirits possessions

When there are family members or ancestors who died in a tragic way, then due to the hatred and active mind power; these ancestral spirits have nowhere to go but to a attach themselves onto their descendants as such causing sufferings to their offspring. If one notices the telltale sign that his/her sufferings are because his/her ancestral spirits are passing them some messages; then this person can pray for the deliverance of his/her ancestral spirits and avoid some unnecessary sufferings.

There are also problems with earthbound spirits too if the house or land one lives on has many earthbound spirits. For example if the place is a former battlefield, cemetery, hospital, temple etc. then there are bound to be many earthbound spirits lurking around the area.

Of course, one should avoid dwelling in the above mentioned place given a choice. Another reason is that other than earthbound spirits, there are at the same time many animal spirits too as attracted by the earthbound ones. In addition, if the house one lives in has experienced many unhappy incidents such as the house owner was under financial pressure to sell the house, or that he/she has many unhappy family life in that particular house; then these residual energy would become ‘life souls’ (活灵) and haunt that house.

In the event that one must dwell in a house with earthbound spirits, then it is best to perform space cleansing rituals and deliverance services to remove all these negative energies.

The third element in a spirit triangle is the spirits that possessed a person. Contrary to common belief, any spirits can attach onto a person; even his/her own ancestors and love ones! It is a norm that a person would have at least a few spirits attached to him/her due to some reasons. This is especially true if one likes to drink, smoke and enjoys free sex.

Experience has shown that it takes all 3 factors: family, earthbound and spirit possessions to cause serious issues. So, care must be taken to break the spirit triangle or mishap will occur.

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