Friday, March 6, 2015

Invisible Magic From Norrland

-By Mr. Bjerstedt

Title: "Go invisible".
Notetaker: Levi Johansson
Messenger: Hemmansägare Johan Edblom
Year: 1917
Parish/Town: Gideå

In the old days, there was some people that could “go invisible”, but I never heard, what you was supposed to do to become invisible. People however believed this sincerely.

[There’s an Icelandic galdrastafur called “Hulinhjalmur” that is supposed to make you invisible. It’s required to be drawn on lignite with a special ink created from human blood mixed with the brains of a raven and pieces of a human stomach, this is later supposed to be pressed onto the brow.-Mr. Bjerstedt]

Title: To not see.
Notetaker: Ernst Janson
Year: 1934
Parish/Town: Ljustorp

You can become invisible with Ravenstone, antstone, snakestone or thunderstone.
[“Antstone” may be bogstone, it’s spelled the same.-Mr. Bjerstedt]

Title: The Raven stone
Notetaker: Levi Johansson
Messenger: Esaias Ödberg
Year: 1917
Parish/Town: Grundsunda

In the raven's nest there's a stone that has the ability to make you invisible if you keep it in the mouth. But the raven hides its nest well, so that it's nearly impossible to find it.

Once there was a farmhand that had a raven stone. His master had struck a great deal with another person. That was the reason why they sat and feasted together. All the money was lying besides them on the table. The farmhand asked how much he would get if he could steal out of the money without noticing. The master didn't even answer. The farmhand went outside, put the raven stone in the mouth and turned invisible, whereupon he went in and took the money, but without his master seeing him get away. Then this farmhand took the stone out of his mouth, so he became visible again, and stood outside the window and waved at his master with the money and laughed scornfully.

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