Monday, March 23, 2015

Premonition Of Lamp Flames (灯火占卜)

Either candle or oil lamp flames can be used to predict an upcoming event.

The shape of the flame can be used to predict outcome of an event or weather in near future. A candle/lamp flame should be left until it is burnt and it should not be extinguished unnecessarily. If a flame failed to be extinguished after a second blow, then the flame is best to be left alone or disaster may approach.

·         If the candle/lamp flame forms the shape of a flower, then the house owner shall receive good news in 5 days.
·         If the flame splits into two, then the person can expect a promotion. If this situation persists for 7 days, then he/she shall be high ranking official.
·         If the flame is burn sideways, then the person shall travel in near future.
·         If another small flame exists beside the main flame, then the person can expect a child.
·         If the flame shape is larger and moves upwards, there may be visitors.
·         If the flame suddenly extinguished, there may be sad news.
·         If the flame produces cracking sound, there may be quarrel.
·         If the flame is small and dim, then the person is worried about something.
·         If it has been draught for a long time, and the flame is short and reddish and that the flame flickering; that means rain shall fall in 3 days.
·         If on a gloomy day and the flame is bright, then the next day shall be a sunny day.
·         If no smoke is produced and the flame flickers and looks reddish, then it shall be windy next day.
·         If much smoke is produced and the flame drops, then rain shall fall the next day.
·         If the flame moves towards north, east, south or west, then there shall be north, east, south or west wind tomorrow.
·         If the flame is red, short, dim and flickers, then the next day shall rain. If the condition continues for a few nights, then it is perhaps rainy season.
·         If the flame is red and steady, then tomorrow shall be sunny.
·         If the flame is dim with smoke and steady, then it shall be both sunny and rainy.
·         If the flame increased in brightness and it is extinguished, then there shall be shameful event.
·         If the flame suddenly increases in intensity and produces cracking sound, then it is possible that he shall be visited by someone from a far.