Thursday, March 26, 2015

Faces Before & After Possession (附身的面相)

If one wants to find out if a household is disturbed by spirits, then one can just observe the faces of that household.

If there is a spirit in a house and that the spirit has not yet entered into the dweller’s body, then faces of dwellers on that particular house would appear greyish and black spots on their cheeks. These black spots are as if eczema.

This is because the ‘ying’ energy of the spirits has just penetrated into the body of these folks. In some cases, a layer of dark aura would form on one’s cheeks. This is the first sign of spirit intrusion into body.

However, if the spirit has entered into a person’s body and that it has somehow influencing the behaviour of that person; then some tell-tale signs can be found eye whites below one’s eye lids.

A person possessed by a spirit would have the sign of a red vine above of his/her eye balls. If the colour of the vine is red, then the time of the possession is not too long. But when a black vine is found, then the person is possessed for a long time.

If there are many red or black vines, then there are more than one spirits possessing the person.

At times black spots are present instead of vines. If black spots are present, then this is only a mild possession as the spirit is not ‘complete’ or it is only a residual energy, hence the effects of a person is not too severe.

Other than that the person’s forehead and face in general would be covered by a layer of black aura.

When the above signs appear on one’s face, precautionary actions must be taken as the spirits can affect one’s mind and cause him/her to be involved in accidents. The best method is to consult a good master and to perform cleansing rituals: body and space. Please don’t underestimate what a spirit can do, better be safe than sorry.

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