Friday, March 27, 2015

Recuperating From Magic Fatigue (灵性休息)

An arjan or a master can get tired too, so he/she needs to recuperate from his/her fatigue other than sleeping of course. Actually it is not sufficient just to sleep as sleeping is only meant to rest one’s physical body not his/her soul.

Yes. One’s soul need to be recuperated too!

For a lay person, he/she can pray to his/her ancestors for comfort. The immediate effect is there shall be a sense of relief right after the prayer. A master/arjan needs more blessing from his/her ancestors, lineage gurus and spirits especially after helping someone on magical issues.

Of course, in order to call upon one’s lineage guru and spirits, he/she must first be ‘recognized’ by the spiritual world as a legitimate student of the lineage. Otherwise the effect would not be noticeable. One can certainly try and nothing can stop a person from trying.

All magic lineages have their own methods of call upon the gurus, in Tibetan Buddhism, one can perform Guru Yoga but in Thai and Taoist magic the ritual is more private because the arjan/master must be able to ‘see’ his/her lineage temple and the assembly of lineage gurus and spirits.

The reason I said so is because the arjan/master must send his/her ‘shadow’ or soul to the main hall of the temple where the arjan/master can received healing or further empowerment from the kurba arjan or the “Three Pure Ones” (三清).

If one is successfully in entering the temple and returns, then the arjan/master would recover almost immediate from his mental and spiritual fatigue.

However if you are not able to enter the temple, then the next best option is first to light a white candle for your ancestors; and then you should light another similar candle for yourself. After performing a short prayer while holding your candle, you should put your candle close to the ancestors’ candle. After you have done so, you should feel a sense of comfort that can drive away loneliness and tiredness in your heart.

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