Thursday, March 12, 2015

The Veil Of God (天命难违)

For those friends with 3rd eye would understand what I mean by saying “the veil of God”. Contrary to common belief, one’s 3rd eye is not all encompassing; there are many restrictions and limitations. For example, one cannot usually see the following:

·         Coming up lucky numbers
·         Cards in the casino
·         People changing cloth next door
·         Realms of higher heavens
·         Secret of God
·         Etc.

No doubt. One can try, but if he/she does that; the only scene the person sees shall be white fog. If he/she persisted for a while then a voice or some words would appear in his/her 3rd eye such as “Fate” or “天命”.

One should stop at this point as this is the warning from a higher order to ‘stop’ or there shall be trouble. However, if one ignored the warning; then his/her 3rd eye shall lose its function permanently.

It is believed that if a Taoist breached any of the above, then the person’s 3rd eye shall be stroke by lightning and the person shall also lose his/her capability.

Likewise, in the deployment of spirits such as jinn, one cannot breach a person’s destiny too. For example, if a person shall have financial problems after he/she is 55 years old; then the jinn can only help him/her till he/she is 55 years old. Any further uses of spirits will not and cannot bring benefits but troubles to the person.

I have just seen too many examples that people want to get rich with spirits or magic but ended up in losing more than his/her fare share at the end. In the above case, 55 years old is the person’s fate or karmic fruit. No one, not even the Buddha can change this fact unfortunately.

So, one should know his/her own fate and the limitations of what magic can do. A person can keep his/her optimism; but it is the God or his/her karma that makes the call. Jinn or spirits can only remind the person when to take appropriate action to reduce the impact of one’s karmic effects. Blind faith and without knowing limitations of magic only brings disappointment.

Many people came to me but I can only shake my heads because they have reached the end of their road. Perhaps, keeping optimistic is the only comfort to disappointment but still, the earth continues to revolve. The world shall not change whether one is happy or sorrow.

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