Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Ngai Master’s One Mantra For All (万病一咒)

This method is mainly used by Ngai masters to cure sicknesses. It is said that the more this method is used, the more effective it shall become.

The method is simple: one only needs to use his/her middle finger to draw straight horizontal and vertical lines on painful place. For example if the person has stomach ache, then the healer can use the most painful spot as centre and then start drawing horizontal and vertical lines. One can draw as many lines as he/she wishes but the number of horizontal lines should be equal of that of vertical lines.

After drawing the lines, the healer must start drawing concentrated circles in clockwise direction; the circles should slowly expand outwards while reciting the below mantra:

“Da dan duo bo dan da mi ma ni ma mi hum”

Care must be taken to ensure that the finger of the healer does not touch the body of the patient. A treatment should take around 10 to 20 minutes.

An expert can use this method to heal with his/her power of visualization, and the method need not be applied on the body of the patient too. For example, the expert can perform the ritual on a piece of paper, on the floor, on a wall. The method is first to draw the painful place and then perform the above mentioned ritual accordingly. Or it could also be performed on a piece of apple or potato using a knife to dig from the centre spiral outwards. The healing effect would also be the same.

When this ritual is used face to face with a patient, and if the person is an Ngai master, he/she can use his/her left palm to strike the floor once to collect some earth energy and then he/she may use this energy to draw a circle from his toe to head a few times. The person should then visualize that he/she is inside a giant green ball.

This ball of protection is also good when one wishes to travel outside at night as the Ngai master’s Ngai spirits can travel along with their masters. But one needs to perform grounding once the healing process is completed or the healer would not be welcomed by people around him/her due to the boundary protection.

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