Friday, March 20, 2015

Magical Aids In Project Definition (项目定位)

Modern project management practices make use of a set of management science techniques to calculate the feasibility, cash flow and paybacks of a project. There is nothing too spiritual about the whole matter. Well, that is true when a project is already defined.

I have made used of spiritual helps over the years when managing and commissioning many modern day projects with quite satisfactory results. I can assure you that what I have said in no mumbo jumbo, of course the trick is when to deploy the spirits and when to use an educated guess.

Spiritual helps are most important when a project is at its definition stage: i.e. that's when the scope of a project is about to be defined. Ordinary project staffs are hired after a project is defined but for a person who initiates a project, there are many uncertainties: location of a project, potential investors, available utilities, politics of an area etc.

So, a project initiator would be acting as a salesman and he/she need to face many uncertainties, this is when spirits can be used to attract a potential investors. Of course, a person should already be in contact with some spirits and understands the limitations of these spiritual beings.

The best spirits for projects with Chinese and Japanese investors are the 5 Legionnaires (五营兵) Armies. But for a Middle Eastern project, then an Arabic Ifrit may yield a better result. These spirits would help to bring in potential money and it is up to the wisdom of a project owner to perform detailed planning of how a project need to be carried out.

Now that the most challenging funding problems are fixed, location for new project needs to be ascertained. At this point, spirits can be of very little help and we would need to look into Feng Shui aspects of the location placement. A Feng Shui calculation can foretell the luck of an area more than 20 years ahead with reasonably accuracy.

With the money and location of a project now defined, only then other project stuffs are brought in to do ‘scientific’ planning and management. It is better not to make use of any spirits at this stage as there shall be of very little help these spirits can do at this stage.

Magical aids have their functions in initial stage of a project planning but as a project moves on; it is the project owner’s responsibility to push through the project according to planned timing. Thus, magic and modern management practices can coexist in different stages of project development.

Let me put it this way:

If one prays before a project is defined, then no one would say anything. However, if a project is in its execution stage and nothing is done but to pray; then we cannot blame the spirits for not helping us.

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