Tuesday, March 3, 2015

The 3 Pulses Disaster Prediction (三脉灾难预测法)

All of the living beings in this world would have some kind of premonitions about the approaching of disasters. This is the gift of Mother Nature to enhance the survival of all species. For example rats would be seen ‘move house’ before to the occurrence of a fire disaster; crows could also predict the forthcoming of typhoons or tornados.

We the human beings touted to be the top of all food chains and the wisest of all living species by right should also possess some kind of forecasting ability concerning natural disasters or major accidents too. So, you might wonder what had happened to our gifted natural instincts perhaps?

Well, our modern human race has been indulging with all sort of sensory pleasures lately: video games, movies, music etc. thus causing our instinct to become blunt.  At the same time, our society also becomes more complex All in all; the current modern developments have blinded us with unnatural emotions.

The below “3 pulses disaster prediction method” is originated from ancient Japanese ninjas and samurais. I am posting this method just to keep tradition alive so that this method would not lose in time. Now the method:

1.      First, one should adjust his/her breadths or at least meditate for 10 minutes or so. Best to be performed before one gets out of the house in the morning.
2.      When the breathing is stabilized, one should use his right finger to feel the pulse of his/her left wrist. After that, he/she should swap hands to feel the pulse of the right wrist.
3.      After both of the pulses are measured, then the third pulse should be taken beside one’s neck.
4.      If all 3 pulses are in sync and of the same pattern, then there is no major disaster a head and the journey should be a safe one. Otherwise, if all 3 pulses are not coherent, then one should cancel the trip and stay in the house for the trip would be disastrous.
5.      Another variations of this method is just to take the pulse of one wrist, and then of both sides of his/her neck.

This is just one of the many methods fond to be used by Yamabushis or ninjas before carrying out any orders in old days. We can also make use of this method before any major decisions are made too.

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