Thursday, March 26, 2015

Dilemma Of A Master (师傅难为)

Many people prefer to seek help from a master but very little do they know that it is not so easy to help just anyone as a master wishes. It is not to say that a person pays for the service of a master, or he/she expects the service to be ‘free of charge’. Well, it is good to ‘pay’ as all the materials are not free, especially with GST around. But there is another hurdle I would call it: “karma blockage”.

Perhaps due to the influence of movies many people wanting to be ‘ghost busters’ but little had they know that it is very bad karma for a master to catch an innocent ghost; this is similar to the master simply kidnap any passers-by. So, many masters just temporarily holding the ghosts in a bottle and as soon as opportunity permits, these spirits would be released back into the surroundings. It is normally only in rare case that a ghost is confined in a bottle for a long time.

Hence, a spirit should not be annihilated if the master has no ability to deliver it to the other side. This view is unanimous across all religions and magical systems. Likewise, a jinni should not be harmed because it is created by God. It is also due to compassion; or I would rather say that it is due to the fear of ‘bad karma’ a master would try so far as possible not to harm any spirits.

I have seen many masters suffered very bad consequences after they have ‘helped the wrong party’. Master Wong tried to help a lady who was possessed by a ghost, but he wasn’t aware that it was the lady who had done wrong to the ghost in her past life, and that this ghost merely returns from the grave to reclaim its karmic debt. Consequently Master Wong has fallen very ill and it was only after some investigation that he has found out the mistake he made. But it was already too late for Master Wong as he has lost all his magical powers.

My friend Master Lee also has similar experiences when he ‘accidently’ caught a innocent ghost. For that mistake alone, Master Lee vomited out much greyish substances from his stomach and it was later that he realised that he had caught a harmless ghost.

When I was at the beginning of my Thai magic practice, a lady came to me asking for help as she has very serious spirit possession and health problems. After making some divinations, I suggested the lady to become a short term nun in a Thai temple. As I was about to make arrangements for the lady, my master stopped me.

My master said that it was for my goodness that I should not interfere with the lady’s karma or the spirits would be angry with me and I would face the consequences. Hence I had to hands off the case.

Likewise, for those who have approached me or any masters for help and ignored by me and others; please understand too that the masters are at a difficult situations too! No masters like to clean trashes for nothing. A person should be responsible for his/her own karmas, and no masters can clear anyone’s karma but the person alone.

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