Monday, March 16, 2015

Tunnels In The Eyes Of Psychics (通灵眼中的隧道)

Tunnels had always been my favorite places to investigate ghosts. People believe that since tunnels are always dark, wet and damp, hence there should be many ghosts in tunnels.  It is even more interesting to go into a tunnel with a friend who can see ghosts don’t you think so?

A friend of mine Mr. Saw, who has a pair of psychic eyes said that a standard highway tunnel normally is not fond by ghosts due to the speed of vehicles passing in and out at high velocity. Only those tunnels that are located at a remote location would be chosen by ghosts as their dwelling place.

According to Mr. Saw, ghosts in Malaysian tunnels normally stand still with heads stooped in the middle section of the tunnels. Some would be seen squatting at tunnel walkways. Contrary to common belief, a tunnel is not normally filled with ghosts; there are normally 2 or 3 ghosts in one tunnel only. In the eyes of a psychic, these ghosts would be seen in the form of grey shadows. When a person approaches a ghost, it has no facial features; except the eyes, nose and mouth are only hollows!

I have known of a Hong Kong lady, Ms Chan who is also a psychic. Once I sent Ms Chan to Ipoh from Penang Airport at night; just when my car was about to go out from a tunnel, Ms Chan gave a shriek: “Stop!”

Well, I couldn’t step onto the emergency brake then as there was another oil tanker behind me; further there wasn’t anything in front or near my car then. After my car has emerged from the tunnel, I asked Ms Chan what was the matter?

She said she saw someone rushed out in front of the car but when the car drew nearer, it was a shadow of a man that had passed through my car. Added Ms Chan later that she couldn’t differentiate if it was a ghost or a human from a far, but the ghost would look transparent closer. She can’t help yelling out each time as it was her instinct to do so.

Ms Chan also told me that if a person committed suicide, then his/her ghost would repeat the act on the same spot until the person’s energy has exhausted. The figure she saw in front of my car was just that.

A Japanese friend Mr. Sato said that once he went to visit a tunnel in Kannonzaki (观音崎), he saw from outside the tunnel was filled with white mist, when he walked nearer; he saw many spirits half emerged from the tunnel wall; they formed blobs of grayish green aura on the wall. Mr. Sato said those were the ghosts of Imperial Armies died during WWII.

As Mr. Sato was deciding if he should pass through the Kannonzaki tunnel, a tourist walked out from the tunnel. As soon as the tourist walked passed Mr. Sato, he noticed that the tourist was carrying something awfully white on his back! When Mr. Sato turned his head to view further, to his horror: there was a figure of a female ridding on the tourist’s back… and this female too turned her head and smiled at Mr. Sato and at the same time, she raised her right index finger and put it in front of her mouth hinting Mr. Sato to keep quiet!

I am not trying to scare anyone who uses a tunnel often… but try not to bring your psychic friends a long or you shall regret as soon as they joined your trip. Believe it!

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