Thursday, March 5, 2015

Guangong Worship And Feng Shui (关公与风水)

Normally a Feng Shui master would not encourage a person to setup an altar if the person has not been worshipping any idols. However if the altar is already being setup, then the Feng Shui master will try to point out the mistake if any. The reason is very simple, in Feng Shui perspective; there is no need to have an altar. But if the altar is already setup, then the method must be correct!

In Southeast Asia, there are many Chinese folks worship Guangong (关公) and I have also found out that many people also made mistakes in the setting up of their Guangong altars.

While it has no significant in Feng Shui, the direction where a Guangong idol faces is important. Historically, Guangong should face west as facing west is facing his home country, Xishu (西蜀). It is a taboo for Guangong to face east as he was killed in Dongwu (东吴). So, if you are worshipping Guangong in your house and your household is not in peace; may be this is the problem.

It is also a taboo to worship one’s ancestor tablet (祖先) with Guanyin (观音) and Guangong together. This is believed to cause a household to live in low spirit as the ancestors would be treated as if servants of these higher beings.

Of course, other things to watch out are that an altar should be anywhere near a toilet or at the back of a toilet. Not only would this mean disrespect to one’s ancestors and also the gods and goddesses.

However, if one’s dwelling location is too small, then it is better not to setup the altar than having an altar. Because an incorrectly setup altar would bring much negative effects to a person.

Finally, the other item to watch out is in choosing an appropriate Guangong idol. Basically, there are two types of Guangong idol in circulation: one must choose the idol of Guangong sitting with Guanping holding a seal and Chouchang holding the machete. The reason is that this is the time when Guangong is at the pinnacle of his power.

The other make is when Guangong reading history book (春秋) at night. This is the time when Guangong is at his career low and his saddest moment. Normally this type of Guangong can only be treated as work of arts and be kept as such.

Another detail to watch is that the sharp edge of the machete should be pointing outwards and it is a taboo to let the sharp machete edge to face inwards. For if the edge of machete faces inwards, that means the household would be bullied and the business would not be profitable.

Of course, I have also seen people hanging trident, bagua, mirrors, flags etc. funny items that would make people to shake their heads. By right, Feng Shui is an art that is based on a set of sound theories and this art has nothing to do with spirit worships.


  1. So what we do with an consecrated statue of Guan Gong who was on an altar but is now stand inside in front of the door to the appartement?
    It is a different Guan Gong than you said this one has his weapon pointing down diagonal to the side. The Weapon can be take out from the statue.
    He is facing south. What are your advices to this statue? When he looks west he would point the tip of the blade inside.

    1. Perhaps this one is another new form of Guan Gong under modern artist impression. Business folks normally prefer the blade to be up. It is the blade of the weapon that counts, not the tips.

      When the blade is down, the profit too is down; and since the Guan Gong is facing south, then maybe he is wondering why he has lost his way and that he is not making a profit :)

      If the worshipper is not doing business, then it should be okay; but at times he would feel a little lost why the money is not enough :D