Thursday, March 12, 2015

Working With Jinn (精灵作业)

For those who have tried in calling the names of jinn I published a while ago and got connected. Now the question is: “What next?”

First, the temporary master should draw up a plan for a jinni to work with.

Please remember that the jinni is ‘on loan’ and it shall only work within a time frame and within the scope of one’s fate: i.e. it may not be possible to become a millionaire in 1 year’s time if the person only has an odd job to begin with.

It is also near to impossible to ask a jinni to ‘predict’ for a lucky number; though a person can try and it may or may not work.

So, to begin with, a jinni master should really sit down and write down what he/she has and what he/she wants to achieve in 1 year’s time. For example if a person thinks that he/she want to be ‘popular’ and has a lot of friends, then just write this in a piece of paper. Whatever wish it may be; one can only has a wish at a time please.

After writing down a plan, it needs to be reviewed constantly on the progress. For example, every evening before bed, a person can call upon his/her jinni and review the progress together. This may sound stupid at first as if one is talking to oneself, but after a while; more ideas will flow in the thinking process. In this way a person will discover his/her shortcomings and improve accordingly.

At times deviations from original plan may occur. This is because your jinni may think that what you want is not what you need. If the person follows his/her intuition accordingly, then he/she would see his/her plan in another new perspective. For example if a businessman decided to move to a new location after some consultations: physically and spiritually, then his business may find a new market. If he resists, he may not get any results and when things are not moving as expected; the person will definitely thinks that the jinni is not working for him.

For the ones who have summoned the names, I have summarized on the below procedures when working with jinn:

·         Stay in constant contact with the jinni.
·         Construct one feasible plan to work with at one time.
·         Review the plan constantly.
·         Embrace chances if any.
·         Refine your plan.
·         Review the plan again at a fix interval.

A jinni would not work without a proper direction. It is not the jinni’s duty to help human. So the master must perform the work and take charge 95% of the time and only rely 5% of the time for the jinni to step in when necessary. I am sure an educated master will know when to call his/her jinni and when not to call it for assistance.

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