Thursday, March 12, 2015

The Crown Of A Dragon (龙的宝冠)

A friend asked me about the top most occult initiation available out there. In his own words:

“Everyone's talking about the crown of the dragon as the most powerful initiation, even more than the angelic khodam and the highest form of protection as it represents the primordial forces of nature...”

It is definitely a trend in occult world to have the ‘top of the top’, the ‘unsurpassed teachings’ or the ‘best of the best’… Well, it is a free world; people can call anything they like.

Having said so, if dragon is the highest form of power; then Archangel Michael would not be able to defeat a dragon as shown in many of the carvings in the Western countries.

In religions of God, dragon is evil thing; so anyone who worships dragon would be deviants and they would be prosecuted in medieval times. Of course, there is no one higher than God; so the highest form of protection would be from God so to speak.

That remind me of the argument of how to translate a Malay phrase “Hantu Raya”. One party would say “Great Ghost” and I rather translate it as “Wandering Ghost”. Why is that? Because the greatest ghost is the God! So, one should be careful in deciding which the highest order is.

A Buddhist would treat a dragon as one of the spiritual beings which is the food of a garuda or phoenix. A dragon is normally treated as a protector spirit and offered as such.

If we would like to equate a dragon with Kundalini, then once Kundalini reached the crown chakra; it shall descend down to its base. So “crown of dragon” would be seeing the declining state of an event. This is not a good sign.

Chinese say that they are “descendent of dragon” (龙的传人), but they never worship dragons for sure.

I supposed the emergence of “crown of dragon” is motivated by monetary terms. According to I Ching, the dragon shall subside after year of goat. Like I have said:

“Why bother to have discord with your own pocket? Keep your money for rainy days!”


  1. Dear Mr. Liew !

    There is a very intersesting Grimoire in italian language, called: "IL LIBRO MAGICO DEI SETTE DRAGHI" (The magical boook of seven dragons). It is a Grimoire that seems to deal with "draconic like" (?) entities. At the end of the book there is speech of "4 moon dragons", who are even more powerful than the rest of the entities. There are many seals in this book, and the entities names sound quite "odd" and "ancient". So it seams, that are not "normal" angels or so.. but i am not sure.

    I own this book, but have never worked with it so far...

    Here (i put the link into "google transalte"):

    Thank you very much for your precious time !

    Michael B.

    1. Dear Michael,

      May be you can try out some of the ritual and see if there are indeed 7 dragons come out to meet you... Don't worry, Archangel Michael shall be watching over you... ;-)


  2. Dear Mr. Liew !

    LOL...Thank you, but no Thank you !

    I prefer cats and dogs...they eat much less, and their "piles" are also much easier to clean up ! "gg"

    Michael B.