Monday, March 9, 2015

Mysterious Kul Buntet

A Kul Buntet can be of any form, but this pair looks like cat's eye shells or the Gomti Chakra.

The best Kul Buntet is the one empowered by ourselves. Of course, it is not wrong to buy one in the open market. But chances are that one is more likely to get a fake one than a real one now days. The method to test if a Kul Buntet is authentic is to put it in a flat plate with lime juice or vinegar. A real Kul Buntet is said to be able to move in the acidic liquid. (Scientifically speaking, the shell will dissolve slowly in acidic liquid and releases gas bubbles. These gas bubbles are the ones that push the shell around.)

In Javanese metaphysical world, a Kul Buntet has two benefits:

1.      For healing
a.       The method is to dip a Kul Buntet into a glass of holy water and then say to it: “Kul Buntet! I request from the power bestowed by God to you.” After that the water is drunk. It is said that this water can cure all kind of illnesses.
2.      For protection
a.       It is believed that a Kul Buntet can protect its owner from black magic, harm from sharp objects and etc. The method is to wear it as an amulet.

A side note on Kul Buntet is that it is normally used alone in Kejawen and Hindu worship. The Hindu worships it in conjunction with Lakshmi for good fortune and luck; the Vietnamese use it in pairs to perform love magic. To other parts of the world, it is otherwise known as a ‘Cat’s eye shell’. A Kul Buntet may also be referred to other types of shell too as the term is loosely referred to certain shells.

You can normally buy a handful in eBay for a few dollars, but if you source one from an occult dealer; it can cost you $100 per piece or so!

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