Wednesday, September 12, 2012

10 Haunted Stuffs You Might Possess

Old and used items can certainly save us a lot of money compared to if we were to purchase new ones. But some things are best to purchase new ones. However if you are an antique collector; then your chances of bumping into one of the haunted items are greater.


Below is a list of generally known 10 haunted stuffs you might possess:


1.      Umbrella

2.      Second hand clothing, shoes or bag

3.      Old furniture

4.      Old dolls

5.      Stray cats

6.      Antique watches

7.      Wind chime

8.      Wood carves

9.      Sea shells

10.  Abandoned deity idol


Method of testing if an item is possessed by a spirit:


1.      Perform a meditation for about 10 minutes.

2.      Light a piece of red candle.

3.      Stare at the light for a few seconds and close your eyes.

4.      What is the color of the candle light with your eyes closed?

a.     Red: powerful female spirit died by committed suicide

b.     Blue: spirits of person died by drowning, normally a little difficult to be gotten rid of.

c.      White: powerful neutral spirit

d.     Green: powerful wood spirit

e.      Black smoke: low level spirit


You can keep the items by performing a purification ceremony. If you decided not to keep the item, you can either burn it outside of your house, throw it away; or sell it in eBay J!

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