Friday, September 28, 2012

Hiding Under A Rock (藏魂寄石)

I never realised that blog writing can be a risky business. Many times those magicians out there wanted to catch my soul or to attack me with magical beings because I have exposed their secrets. Thanks to the Taoist ‘hiding’ methods that I can be safe from all those unscrupulous people.


There are many ‘hiding’ rituals out there, let me walk you through the hiding under the rock ritual as below:

·         Prepare a piece of soul hiding talisman as shown.

·         Write your personal particulars on this talisman.

·         Prepare a short note to be written on a parchment paper stating the reasons why you need to perform this ritual.

·         Gather some hairs and finger nails and put into a small earth urn and then sealed with the above talisman.

·         Choose an auspicious date gather some pine leaves, peach leaves and some weeds; go into the forest and look for a boulder.

·         Dig a hole under the boulder and tug the earth urn under the boulder. Cover the urn nicely with earth so that no other people will be able to discover this urn.

·         Spread the leaves that you have collected around the boulder.

·         Read out what you have written on the piece of parchment paper.

·         Burn the paper after complete reading.

·         Go home without looking back.


This ritual will normally last for three years.


Other related method is the ‘water’ method. If the magicians out there have not gotten their hands on me, then you will have the opportunity to read about the ‘water’ method J.



  1. God is more powerful then thoes magician bro, don't worry god will protect you! Allahu akbar!

  2. Dear unknown can you invite me to the Chinese blog.