Friday, September 14, 2012

I am Spitting Arrows Love Spell

Arrow spells can kill, as in “arrow in the palm”; but it can also be used in love magic. Below is one of the Malay love magic called “Ilmu Kulullah Anak Panah”.




1.      This ritual must be performed on the 14th, 15th or 16th full moon day and under the moon. 

2.      Fill a bucket with water and let the reflection of the moon be on the water surface.

3.      Recite the below prayer and think that the moon reflection become the person of your desire.

4.      Consume the moon reflection with full passion.


The prayer:



 Hai Kullullah anak panahku

 Kupanahkan ke bumi, bumi hancur luluh

 Kupanahkan ke Air, Air hancur luluh

 Kupanahkan ke Api, Api hancur luluh

 Kupanahkan ke Langit, langit hancur luluh

 Apa lagi Kupanahkan si….., si…..pun hancur luluh

 Berkat lailahaillallah”.



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