Friday, September 14, 2012

Jemput Semangat: Malay Spirit Retrieval

“Jemput Semangat” or literally means “invitation of spirit/vigor” in Malay culture. This “Jemput Semangat” ritual is called for when a person has been treated with various means but only of no avail, then as the last resort for saving this person’s life.


It is commonly belief that external diseases such as fever, cancer, cough etc can be cured by medicine widely available in pharmacies or market; sickness caused by love craze, longing or broken heart cannot be cured by any ordinary means.


What is ‘semangat’?


Simply speaking, ‘semangat’ is a form of zing inherited by a person. The function is to watch over emotion, instinctive desire and mind. It is believed that ‘semangat’ of a person can be separated from a person through extreme shock or fall accidently to the ground. Once a person losts his/her ‘semangat’ he/she is said to be “lemah semangat” or “weak in vitality”. This person will fall sick easily: physically and mentally.  


There are many mantric methods used to retrieve a lost ‘semangat’. Below is just one of the many rituals:


1.      Prepare two pieces of betel leaves, together with betel nuts, cloves and lime.

2.      The betel leaves are then blessed with below “Jemput Semangat” prayer.

3.      After that the betel leaves are chewed until pulverized.

4.      The pulverized betel leaves are used as paste to be applied on the body (temple, both sides of ears, on nape, from chest to stomach, end of right thumbs of hand and right foot) or photo of the person who is low in “semangat”.


 The “Jemput Semangat” prayer:



Segelamit dua gelamit

Segelamit di pusu jilang

Seribu setan menggamit

Sumangat kau kubawa pulang

Dibawa Allah

Dibawa Muhammad

Dibawa baginda Rasululloh

Mustajab doaku

kabul berkat lailahailallah Muhammaddarrosululloh”



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