Saturday, September 22, 2012

The Curse Of The 56th Pole

Penang bridge has many strange stories to offer, so let us take some diversion from magic and talk about some haunted locations. I appreciate your contributions too, let's see how many stories can we collect.
Amongst Penang anglers especially the fans of groupers, could not resist invitation to fish under the Penang Bridge. But not many people are aware of “the curse of the 56th pole”. The curse of the 56th pole has been the talk since many mystical occurrences that cannot be explained logically took place.


The 56th pole is situated on the island side, if we were to drive from Seberang Perai towards Penang Island; the 56th pole is located right under you after 2 minutes’ drive from the centre of the bridge with a speed around 70 to 80km/hr.


The 56th pole is also known by the name “Tiang Mulut Puaka” or “the pole of haunted mouth”. Story has it that more than 20 fishermen claimed that they have the experiences of seemingly being “sucked” into water vortex as large as a football field. The incident happened in the year 2004 also being witnessed by Mr. Azmi Hadi who was a maintenance crew of Penang Bridge Sdn. Bhd. He said that the vortex took the formation of the face of an angry old lady opening her mouth as if sucking something. He was not able to take any photos with his handy due to strong wind. The ordeal was over after the fishermen shouted the call for prayer while firing the signal gun.


So who was the old lady Mr. Azmi Hadi saw? Wasn’t that a mystery to be solved?

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