Sunday, September 23, 2012

A Ritual For Sustainable Love

Standard love magic only lasts for a week or so depending on the Khodam or spiritual training of a person. Not many people realise that there is a ritual to achieve sustainable love affairs. As whether this is a blessing or curse, I will let you decide yourself.


Basically this is a ritual to super charge or boosts your love magic once it has taken the initial effect. With this ritual, the love between you will remain sustainable until or beyond the grave.


The person will not change his/her mind easily and loyal to you alone. So this ritual is not meant for getting new love, but to sustain love affairs.


Just a reminder that this ritual is used on the person that you really love or serious about. If you just want to flirt about, forget about it because this person will haunt you beyond your grave … Until all eternity so to speak ;-)




·         Recite below prayer before going to bed.

·         Recite below prayer before meeting the person.


The Prayer:


“Bismillahirrohman nirrohim

Zatulan Dahulu jadi masuk digedung mahirat

Yahu-yaa-hu yaa hu Bernafas padamu Isrofil dan Mikail

Kau kusuruh kepada Tuhan Allah, ambilkan Roh kelawan si...... (say the person’s name and his/her parents’ name)

kimpoikan padaku, serah kepada Allah berkat do'aku.

Laa illahaillallah Muhammadarusullulloh”


I am not responsible for any side effects should you want to try it.


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  2. Will it work for an indian too?how to do it properly how many chans

    1. If you have fate, then it will work for anyone. Normally people will chant 41x, but you may do as many times as you wish. No harm to try though.

  3. Thankyu sir i will practice to pronouce it i m indian can u help me to get the help to pronounce or can i do with my own brain,,,,,,thnx once again

    1. You can pronounce as it suits you. Or I can post a Indian love spell for you too...

  4. Ohhh soooo kind of yu,,,i will do this ritual also n if yu please post the indian one like ,this spell which is for sustainable relation i shall be highly obliged Sir thankyu once again