Sunday, September 9, 2012

Secrets Of A Tombstone

You may wonder beside the name and age of the deceased, what else can a tombstone really do that calls for a blog space? Not many secrets really, below are what I know:

If a person is too grieve over the death of a family member, relative or a friend; or in the event that the person is possessed by spirits or strange events occurred right after attending funeral of an acquaintance then do the following:

  • Take a knife and scrap some of the stone powder from the decease's tombstone.
  • Let the person consume the tombstone powder together with rain, well or river water.
  • If God is willing, he or she will soon forget about the beloved ones.

Other uses of a tombstone:

It is also very important to keep a tombstone clean because:

  • If a tombstone is white and shinny, the descendant is doing exceptionally good.
  • If a tombstone becomes black, then that indicates the descendant of the deceased is not doing very good in life.
  • If a tombstone cracks, the indication is that the descendant of the deceased may ceased.

Hence, needless to say ... please take good care of ancestor's tombstone or the one who suffers might not be the deceased alone. Believe it or not?

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