Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Conjuration Of Satan For Desperados

“You will be reading a forbidden ritual. For good people, do not proceed if you do not agree with the content. You are warned”


I think the world economic situation has taken its tolls. I can’t imagine why there are so many desperados out there wanting more money at all costs. Since there are so many requests keep flocking in, I post this ritual to all the desperados out there… And my purpose is to save my time in responding to similar enquiries in future. I also want to save your effort in fishing such a ritual from me.


But, first thing first, I must warn you that this is a direct dealing with satanic spirits, the Legions or whatever you like to call them. For the desperados, I don’t know what you will get in return after trying the ritual; as I can’t answer on the Legions’ behalf. You will definitely get something. People who tried this ritual have gotten what they want, but also suffers from losing something that they didn’t expect. I would not like to elaborate here.


If you ask: “Why asking dark spirits for money?”


Well, I asked the same question to the person who taught this ritual to me. His answer was pretty simple: “All the dark spirits are rich; while all the good ones are poor!”


If you still having doubt with the answer, then see how those people in your company stepping over your dead body to gain promotions. Don’t you also feel that your colleagues who do all kinds of favors for your ‘boss’ just to be the boss’s blue eye boys/girls are much much richer than you are J?


This is the ritual proper:


·         This ritual must be performed on the midnight of one day before full moon at a God forsaken place: the site of an old battlefield, slaughter house, murdered scene etc. Best if it is an open space isolated from general public.

·         Prepare 6 pieces of black candles, a ritual knife, a live goat to be sacrificed, incense and a piece of paper written on it what you want the Legions to do; it is best to sign in your own blood.

·         Go to the place at a designated place earlier as you will need to draw a large inverted pentagram on the floor. The diameter of the pentagram should be at least 6 feet; but best if you can draw a 12 feet pentagram.

·         After you have completed the pentagram on the floor, draw a door in the center of the pentagram.

·         Dig a hole in the center of the pentagram that is deep enough to bury the goat.

·         Now, stand outside of the circle and light the first black candle. Put the candle at one point of the pentagram. Recite: “Elohim Iblar Allan”. Then read whatever has been written on the paper. Burn the paper once completed reading.

·         Take a second black candle, light it with the first candle and put the candle on the second point. Extinguish the first candle. Repeat until you have the 6th candles in the hole.

·         Sit in front of the hole with your goat, look into the candle in the hole and recite “Elohim Shaitan”. Then meditate for a short while and wait for a sign: a gust of wind, the sudden still air in the environment etc.

·         At this point sacrifice the goat and let its blood flow into the hole. Once this is done, throw the carcass into the hole. Bury the whole and leave the place at once.

·         Do not visit the area for 2 weeks.

·         If the ritual is fruitful, your wish will be granted in 100 days time.

·         The Satan may or may not appear in front of you.

So... What’s the catch?
As a reward, I get whatever you may be lose out… Wkwkwk…
Except the desperados, for the good people out there who are satisfied with their own life; stay away from this ritual. What you may lose, may be more than what you gain! For the desperados, I pray for your well being J.


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