Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Obtaining Richness By Spiritual Intimacy

I must first caution that this method of obtaining richness is not for everyone; it is similar in becoming a gigolo to the spirit that you invited. The prerequisite is that you must have very strong sexual prowess to satisfy the spirit; whatever it is.


First, choose a location with a powerful spirit. You can normally find a potential spirit at these locations:


·         In jungle

·         Sea sides

·         Sacred lake

·         River banks

·         Old buildings

·         Sacred tombs

·         Sacred mountains

·         Under old tress especially the Banyan trees and Banana plants.


Once you have identified the location, prepare the below items:


·         Food offerings such as pop rice, bananas, tobacco, betel leaves, roast chickens, incense and red candles, perfume, a pair of scissors, red string etc.


Go to the location in the evening after 7pm, start arrange food offerings, put on perfume and start burning incense. Then take the piece of red string and tie one end onto the tomb stone, tree trunk etc. After that, you must tie the second end of the string to your left thumb.


Tell the spirit in your own words you are offering yourself to satisfy it in the exchange of gold, money or whatever you want. Repeat your narration for about one hour or so then sit quietly and wait for the signs. Be patient and you will feel something start touching your body and kissing you. Strike the deal first before proceeding and you know when it is all over.


Before you leave, take the scissor and stab it on the tomb or tree trunk and tie the red string around the tomb stone or tree trunk. Remember the place as you will need to come back to pull out the scissors once you have gotten what you want; at most 100 days after the ritual. If you do not do that, the spirit will be tormented by the scissors and it will look for you where ever you are.


I really hate to think on the occasion if someone cannot satisfy the lustful spirits… Ha ha ha.. This ritual is interesting to read about, but seriously do not try it. Spirits do have masses, so spiritual intrusion is no enjoyment. Worse if there are physical passers by… You got the idea.


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