Thursday, September 13, 2012

Gifts From Wewe Gombel

Wewe Gombel is a term in Javanese tradition, which means an evil female spirit or a ghost who likes to kidnap children, not harming them. It is said that children who were stolen are usually children abandoned and neglected by their parents. Wewe Gombel will usually threaten the parents, and keep the children with her as long as these children remain unconscious. If the children awaken from the spell, Wewe Gombel would return them all.


Many local folks believe that diapers of these children can make a person invisible. People also believe that Wewe Gombel will hang her clothing during Maghrib time, if a brave person dares to steal one of Wewe Gombel’s clothing; then he can become invisible and this person can use this ability to get whatever he likes.


Since not everyone can steal Wewe Gombel’s clothing, a person can also make a pact with Wewe Gombel so that he too can be given a Wewe’s diaper. With this diaper, this person can become an invisible thief; he can also become a very good businessman selling products made from cooking oil. For example: fried chicken, fried rice etc.


With the help of Wewe Gombel, this person will become rich very fast. However, this person’s first son or grandson will be given to Wewe Gombel. In case you are wandering, the practitioner of this ritual normally has many children with the increase of his wealth.

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