Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Banana Spirit Love Retrieval Ritual

This banana spirit love retrieval ritual is mainly meant for amending the relationships of a married couple. Be careful with this ritual as the banana spirit is a very beautiful but vengeful spirit, some times you will get Phi Pop also.

The ritual:

  1. Find a banana tree that is still bearing green bananas.
  2. Bring along a picture of the couple, a knife, a piece of red string, some benzoic incense, 5 number of joss sticks, a pair of red candles, 5 pieces of small flags and some food offerings.
  3. Go to the banana tree in the morning, burn incense and present all to offering on the floor.
  4. Tie one end of the red string to the banana tree and hold the other end of the string in your left hand.
  5. Now hold the couple's foto in your right hand and tell the banana spirit what you want in your own words.
  6. At the end of the ritual, take the knife and cut a bunch of green banana.
  7. Release the red string on the banana tree, in turn, tie the red string onto the green banana.
  8. Thank the banana spirit and go home.
  9. Put the banana at the entrance of your door and leave it there for around 7 days; until the banana ripened and spoilt. Use a piece of red cloth to wrap the banana and return the banana to the place where you cut it.
  10. Put the foto under the pillow and call the other person's name before sleeping.
  11. If the ritual is fruitful, the person should return in a month's time.
  12. Do not forget to return to the banana tree to thank the spirit. Else the banana spirit will come to visit you.
Whatever you do, do not smear your blood onto the banana plant. If you do that, the spirit may possess your body and I hate to think of the consequences.

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