Saturday, September 29, 2012

The Cenotaph: Grave Of Clothing & Hat (衣冠冢)

The above picture shows a cenotaph of Mr. Sun Yet Sun.


A cenotaph is a graved buried with the belongings of a deceased such as clothing and other items. This is because the body of the deceased cannot be found or has been buried in another place. So a cenotaph is set up to commemorate the person.


I have a friend whose grandfather died during World War II period. As his body nowhere can be found, he has to bury his grandfather’s clothing and personal effects instead.


The question many people would like to ask:


“If a cenotaph erected would affect the Feng Shui of the descendents of the deceased?”


The answer in the Feng Shui practice is that it is acceptable and the effect is the same as the actual grave itself. Many actual Feng Shui cases have proven that the Feng Shui of a cenotaph can indeed affect the descendents of the deceased as with the actual tomb.


Another popular method in attracting luck or to prolong life is the “foundation of life” method, or popular known as “生基”. This method utilizes the same method as the cenotaph; suffice just to put in some personal belongings in lieu of the living person. The subsequent effect good or bad can be felt directly by the host. If a cenotaph or foundation of life are sabotaged, then very bad effect will befall the descendents or in the second case; the descendents of the cenotaph.

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