Thursday, September 27, 2012

Fairy, Jenglot Of The West

The picture depicted the remains of a real fairy found in Derbyshire countryside, UK. Unfortunately it was later found out as an April fool joke. Don’t you think that it somehow resembles a Jenglot in SEA?


So do fairies exist?


I will leave you with the below fairy conjuration ritual to find out:


·         Perform the ritual on the night of a full moon exactly midnight. The ritual should be finished within one hour’s time.

·         First, gather some salt, a bottle of pure olive oil, and a stick of white chalk.

·         Enter into a forest; find a tree nearest to your home where the leaves of the tree stay green all year.

·         Then sprinkle a ring of salt around the tree, followed by a smaller ring with olive oil.

·         Once the two circles are drawn, talk a chalk and write on the tree trunk the following words “Yahweh ELohim”.

·         Now the ritual is complete, go home immediately.


You should be able to feel the otherworldly presence in your house within 100 days. If you have tried the ritual, appreciate you can drop me a note of what type entity you think it is: Is it a fairy or something else?

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