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Chinese Dark Water: 鬼水凶灵

Said true body of a Water Ghost
Chinese Dark Water: 鬼水凶灵


Water Ghost is a type of ghosts very much feared by the Chinese community because it has physical mass and can cause more harm than any other types of ghosts we have discussed previously. So below are some of the Do’s and Don’ts when coming face to face with one.


A Water Ghost will look for substitute


According to legend, people who die in the water will become Water Ghosts. Water Ghost can be divided into two categories, the first is by accidental death, it will need to find another person to do the stand-in in order to be reborn. The second is from the ones who committed suicide. Due to grievances, they are very vengeful, so this type of water ghost will look specifically for the swimming couple in the hope to drag one of them into the deep.


Avoid going into the water at full moon night


A Water Ghost may exist where there have been casualties of the seas, rivers or streams. If you don’t want to become the next scapegoat, avoid the waters during three days of 14th, 15th and 16th days of Chinese Lunar Calendar. Because the night of the full moon is the most productive time of chi and Reiki, Water Ghosts will take this opportunity to confuse the swimmers so that they can seek their replacements and be reborn.


In addition, it is best not to go into the waters three days before and after the Chinese Lunar July 14th , Ching Ming (清明) and Chung Yeung (重阳) Festival due to the existence of extreme Yin energy during these periods.



Is your chin covered by black chi?


It is said that the Water Ghost will specifically look for the person who has dark chin as its sacrifice. So check your chin first before going for a dip. If your chin is seemingly covered by a layer of black chi, then better put off your intention for a while.


It is a taboo to call the name of the drowning person during a rescue


It is said that some local lifeguards have an unwritten taboo when rescuing drowning persons because if the names are called, the Water Ghosts are more determined to drown their victims.


The deliverance of a Water Ghost


The Taoist believes that Water Ghosts can be delivered through rituals such as below:


1.      Get a piece of green bamboo about 6 feet in length and 49 pieces of paper money.

2.      Go to the places where there is a Water Ghost and erect the bamboo into the water.

3.      Burn a piece of paper money, and call out “Requesting water Ghost to be reborn”.

4.      Repeat the ritual for 49 times.

The paper money
But don’t try this if you are not a seasoned practitioner; even a practitioner will not act alone.


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  1. Resembles undines. There are beliefs in eastern Europe that some of them are ex-drown virgins :)