Friday, September 14, 2012

Attracting Luck With Limau Kedangsa

“Limau Kedangsa” in ancient Malay language means “Limau Kasturi” (Citrus microcarpa). The Malay aristocracy of old believe that Limau Kasturi can deter bad luck and enhancing good ones. Hence Limau Kasturi is used as plant to attract luck and prosperity for its owner.


Attracting luck is “Jemput Tuah” in Malay. This rare ritual carried out during full moon night. It is one of the spiritual cultural heritages of the Malays. Its purpose is to:


·         Enhancing a person’s aura, charisma, attractiveness, charm and beauty/handsome.

·         Aura cleansing, and negative energy removal.

·         Making a person’s face more shinny.

·         Enhancing a person’s inner peace.

·         Removing negative emotions such as sadness, hopelessness, anger, hate etc.

·         Enhancing a person’s luck.


The Jemput Tuah ritual:


1.      Prepare the below items:

a.       7 pieces of Limau Kedangsa

b.      1 coin

c.       1 sheet of betel with meeting veins

d.      Betel nuts clove and lime

e.       A large tank with water collected from natural source

2.      The 7 pieces of Limau Kedangsa and the coin must first be thrown into the water tank.

3.      Chew the betel leave, betel nut, clove and lime while reciting the below “Kedangsa Sitinggi Naik” mantra.

4.      Once completed, the pulverized substance is spit into the water tank.

5.      Bath with the water in the tank until finish.

6.      Keep the coin as a good luck charm.

This ritual is best to be performed under the full moon.


The “Kedangsa Sitinggi Naik” Mantra:


“Limauku silimau manis

 sait diatas talam

 pekerjaanku semata manis

 seperti asam dek garam

 sebimbar dua mimbar

 setentang dua tentang

 siapa menentang siapa manis

 siapa menentang siapa gila

 elok tuah badanku

 mersing seri mukaku

 limpah rizki dek aku

 tiada kemungkin tanggal

 tiada kemungkin bekecai

 kuuur semangat diaku


makbul doa pengajar guruku

 mustajab akan aku

 kabul Allah

 Kabul muhammad

 Kabul Baginda rasulullah

 Berkat laailaha illallah



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