Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Kaca Benggala (Thick Big Mirror)

Kaca Benggala means “the thick big mirror”. This is a ritual used to identify the culprit of stolen properties. There are many variants of such a ritual in all cultures: The Western Magic uses “black mirror” or “Solomon’s mirror” while in Taoist magic, a water bowl or a piece of white cloth is used.


When you have lost something or you suspected that it is stolen by someone, perform the below ritual:

  1. Prepare a clean white porcelain plate and apply with some coconut oil.
  2. Burn a piece on white candle.
  3. Recite Surat Al-fatihah 3x.
  4. Sholawat “Allahumma sholli alaa Muhammad” 9x.
  5. Recite the key prayer: “Oh God, show us the ultimate truth.”
  6. Now hold the plate with your left hand and bring the plate over the white candle; ask a kid of below 10 years old to look on the surface of the plate. You must hold the back of the child’s neck with your right hand while recite the below prayer:

a.      " Wal malakul ladzii bilaa abin wa ummin, laa akla laa syurba wa laa nawma lahum "

  1. The prayer must be recited repeatedly until the child can see the face of the thief.
  2. If the God is willing, you will know who has taken your belonging.

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