Saturday, September 8, 2012

Fried Green Peas Ritual

Fried green peas is one of favorite snacks in SEA region, but do you know that these green peas can be used to prevent a known spirit from haunting you and to get rid of unwanted familiar spirits?


Okay. First, get a handful of green peas and fry in a wok until cooked thoroughly. You may add a handful of sand so as to ease the frying process. After that, store the green peas in a container.


1.      To stop a known spirit from haunting

a.       Go to the grave of the person at night.

b.      Bury some green peas on top of the decease’s head and say:

                                                              i.      “Do not disturb the descendents of Adam until these green peas sprout!”

2.      To get rid of a familiar spirit (saka)

a.       Bring your familiar spirit be it a toyol, polong, peleset or the like to a far away location.

b.      Dig a hole in the ground and bury some fried green peas in it.

c.       Tell the familiar spirit:

                                                              i.      “Watch over these green peas until they sprout!”

d.      It is believed that the familiar spirits are so obedient that they will follow what their owner told and really stay put at the location until the end of time.


But friends, I still say fried green peas are best consumed hot. Oh yes, if you care to add some salt and chili powder would be super!

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