Sunday, September 2, 2012

Gold Leaf Ritual

For those friends who worship Phra Phrom (Brahman) know that after performing the offering, the final very important step is to stick a piece of gold leaf onto the statue of Phra Phrom. Well, as the matter of fact, the gold leaf ritual is a specific ritual for the worship of all Thai deities.

Some people said that these gold leaves are made of pure gold, but I will leave it to the field experts to determine the purity of gold leaf contents. Attaching gold leaf to deities is one of the means to accumulate merit and receive blessings from the deities. Do you realise that a gold leaf can also be applied to living human being as well?

The ritual for attaching a piece of gold leaf onto a human is pretty simple. First attach a piece of gold leaf onto the desired location, draw a yant and rub the gold leaf clockwise while chanting until the gold leaf disappears. It is believed that the gold leaf together with the blessing are absorbed by the body. Some Thai arjan may use blessed oil in gold leaf ritual as I was told.

If a piece of gold leaf is attached onto the forehead of a person, then other people will be fond of you. This is one of the extreme popular rituals amongst many social escorts. And if it is still not sufficient, then gold leaf can even be attached onto your tongue to make people attract to your words.

As to how effective is the gold leaf ritual, I have no comment. But if we argue that all magic rituals are bogus, then how come there are so many followers all over? What ever the case is, when you attach a gold leaf after praying, please remember this: Do not attach your gold leaf over others, that would be very rude. (Only the gods know. Ha ha ha... )

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