Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The Benefits Of Bats

Bats are hunt for various purposes. In many part of the SEA, bat meat is considered as delicacies. Many people in SEA believe that consuming bat meat can increase male sexual potency. Bat droppings can be used in Chinese medicine to cure eye disease.


1.      To prevent pregnancy

a.     Get yourself a fresh bat’s head. Dry it then wrap it with a piece of cloth. Tug the package into the pillow where you will be having sex with your partner.

b.     Catch a female bat, strip off its skin and dry it. After that wrap it with a piece of cloth and put the wrapping under your bed or where you will be having sex with your partner.

2.      To cure asthma

a.       Fry some hearts of bats and eat them constantly.

b.      Consume bat meat regularly.


The Islam Sharia forbids the consumption of bat meat. In Indonesia, bat meat is consumed by Batak, Minahasa, Bali and Java communities. Open selling of bat meat in Malaysia and Singapore is prohibited. Having said so, bat meat can still be found in special Chinese restraints in isolated locations; by special orders (of course).

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