Friday, September 7, 2012

The Bulu Perindu Love Oil

In the supernatural world of SEA, the name “Bulu Perindu” (Yearning Hair) has a sound reputation amongst local folks. “Bulu Perindu” is quite different from “Buluh Perindu” (Yearning Bamboo) however. “Buluh Perindu” is a name given to a type of bamboo that does not have holes in its stems. On the other hand “Bulu Perindu” is a type of plant that resembles thick hairs and can move by itself. This type of plant can only be found in thick forests. There are some suggestions that one can also find “Bulu Perindu” in the nest of an eagle.


“Bulu Perindu” is around 5 to 10 centimetre long and the thickness is less than 1 centimetre. It has a brownish and blackish colour; basically a “Bulu Perindu” looks very much like our eye lid hair. It become hardens when dried but become flexible in wet condition.


The making of “Bulu Perindu” love oil is a highly guarded secret amongst the local SEA magician as the “Bulu Perindu” oil can fetch to fairly high price. Wonder why I am exposing this secret openly?


The steps


1.      Plug yourself some green coconuts that are facing the sun light in the morning; do not let the coconut fall onto the ground.

2.      Cook the coconut milk until it produces oil.

3.      Prepare a small bottle for the coconut oil and two pieces of “Bulu Perindu”.

4.      Now you must perform an empowerment ritual for the “Bulu Perindu” oil:

a.       Begin the ritual on a Thursday night.

b.      First perform Solat Tahajud 2 raka’at.

c.       Perform tawassul Al-Fatihah to Prophet Muhamad, the four angels, the four companions, Syekh Abdul Qodir Al Jaelani.

d.      Recite “Hu Allah” 1000x.

e.       Perform a short prayer expressing your intention to obtain the benefits of this “Bulu Perindu” oil.


The Application


1.      Recite the below 7x:

a.       “Bismillahirahmanirahim”

b.      “Yuhibbunahum kahubaillahi wal lazina aamanu, ashad’du hubal’ lillah”

2.      Apply some oil onto your thumbs and then rub against your eye brows before you want to meet the person you want to attract.

3.      Besides attracting love, the “Bulu Perindu” oil is also good for good human relationships, increasing business sales and to protect from black magic doings.


The Cure


1.      Burn two pieces of “Bulu Perindu” into ash and consume together with rain water.

2.      The patient will feel fever and exuberant for a short while and then sweat. After that he/she will be cured.

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  1. Awalnya saya kira bulu perindu yang saya punya itu asli, ternyata tidak. Sekalipun itu adalah warisan dari orang tua, ternyata bulu perindu asli yang sebenarnya adalah yang telah melewati proses penyelarasan energi dengan pemakainya. Karena itulah, ada yang menyarankan meminta bantuan pada pakar bulu perindu untuk menyelaraskan energi bulu perindu dengan saya. Syukurlah, manfaat bulu perindu sekarang ini benar-benar bisa semakin kuat saya rasakan. Tidak hanya suami yang semakin sayang, anak-anak, keluarga, bahkan teman-teman di sekitar semakin sayang dan perhatian. Bagi anda yang ingin tahu cara menggunakan bulu perindu dengan benar, mungkin bisa mencoba seperti yang telah saya lakukan. Informasi selengkapnya ada disini > Minyak Bulu Perindu