Friday, September 21, 2012

Mysterious Were-Boar (Babi Ngepet)

This is an interesting way to get rich if any other thing else fails. Were-Boar or "Babi Ngepet" can be conjured in haunted cave, sacred graves, mountain side, jungles etc. It is said that there are many black magicians practising Pesugih Babi Ngepet in Mount Kawi area in Bali. They can render you a service with some fees ... So what else is new?  ;-)

Basically the ritual is as below:

  1. You will need two person to cast this spell: one person to do conjuration, the other person act as a medium for the Babi Ngepet.
  2. First choose a place as described above. Once you have identified the area, go there on a Wednesday night bringing with you a piece of large black cloth, some benzoic incense, a piece of white candle, a water bowl and some water if there is no water source in the vicinity. Oh, don't forget a big bag to fill the money, gold, jewels ...
  3. Before the actual ritual, erect a white candle in the middle of the water bowl and light the candle, together with some bezoic incense.
  4. Use the black cloth to cover your partner who acts as a medium for the Babi Ngepet.
  5. Fumigate the medium first and the keep yourself seated. Your main task is to watch over the burning candle flame and make sure nothing happens to the candle. If the candle flame is extinguished accidentally, that means your partner is in danger. So please watch out.
  6. At this point, start invoking the spirit of Babi Ngepet to enter and unite with the medium. It is said that the medium will transform into an actual Babi Ngepet and run around rubbing its body on building walls, poles etc to attract money. And before long, it will bring you loads of cash and jewellery.
  7. Once you are satisfy with the money you have collected, call back the Babi Ngepet and extinguish the candle flame. By doing so, the medium will return back to his/her normal self.

Personally I am inclined to think this is just another spirit possession process same with other spirit medium practices. But I will open it to the field experts to do the conclusion. Wonders why people don't use this Babi Ngepet to rob a bank? Hmmm...


  1. Dear Mrs. Liew !

    Cool Ritual ! Thank you !

    But is it really so easy ??

    Is there really no hidden "catch" ?

    The prayer that you have to say is the one under the picture, right ?

    I also have a general question (regarding all your rituals). If you say a "holy place", do you mean a holy place in general or has it to be a holy place related to the cultural and/or geogrphic location of the ritual ?

    In simpler words: Would that Ritual also work in a "holy place" in, for example Europe or the USA ?

    Thank you very much for your precious time !

    Emir M.

    1. Dear Emir,

      It is a Mr.

      Basically, there is no catch and the underlying theory is just pretty simple.

      The foto attached is just an illustration only. The prayer is essentially sounds something like: "Come! Great Were-Boar come." Such prayer is normally short and monotonous so as to get the medium into trance.

      In the context of where the ritual originates, "holy place" refers to the "holy place" of the native land. Unless you also have the believe of boar spirit in Europe of USA.