Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Occult Money: By Hook Or By Crook

"Money is not everything; no money you're nothing!"
Many people asked me this question: “what can a Toyol steal?”


My answer is always a Toyol can only steal petty cash, small amount that is enough for a person to survive each time. There is also a rule that a Toyol will not empty all of the money at one time as it is an unwritten rule: one can take some money from a person, but one must also let this person survive. So, based on this principle that a Toyol will not let its victim suffers from hunger.


Another frequently asked question that follows: “what then can enable a person to steal BIG money?”


There are plenty of ways to get money really:


In the East:


·         The direct method

o   Using Taoist five ghost ritual

o   Using rat spirits

o   Using monkey spirits

o   Using treasure hunting rituals

o   The money return ritual (whatever you spend returns to you)

·         The indirect method

o   Using Feng Shui arrangements

§  The Feng Shui of dwelling

§  The Feng Shui of the tomb

§  The Life Foundation methods

o   Using dead souls


In the West:


·         The direct method

o   Using spirits to bring gold, silver and treasure

o   Using dowsing rod to detect treasures etc.

·         The indirect method

o   Using money rituals

o   Having a pact with spirits namely Lucifer


Money related rituals have been very popular topics until today. I can see why so many people asked me the same question repeatedly. Well, it is a big topic to explore really. As usual… stay tune J.


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